People and nonprofits who work with me as a copywriter are glad they did.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cindy on campaigns, blogs, social media ad copy and white papers. Her copywriting excellence is surpassed only by her versatility and the care she takes to thoroughly communicate every project she works on. I’ve learned a ton from her on how to communicate with different audiences and have enjoyed her perspective on every project we’ve worked on together. I’d highly recommend Cindy to lead any nonprofit copywriting project and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Rai Masuda : Marketing Strategist &
Google Tag Manager Fanatic (West Palm Beach, Fla.)

“Cindy is by far the best copywriter and editor I’ve ever worked with and my preferred hire when the need arises. We’ve engaged her services multiple times, and we’re always 100% pleased with final output. She easily switches gears in writing style depending on our project needs (from call to action to storytelling and beyond), and she understands audience differences when we need a similar message for varied readers and pieces. That kind of skill and versatility is hard to find. Her quality control is top notch, too. All-around great package in a single person.”

Angela (Worsham) EvansInnovation Strategy | Project Management |
Teams |
Training | Mentoring (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Cindy is a wonderful person to work with. She volunteered her skills to help with our nonprofit organization, The Adaptive Training Foundation. She used her copywriting skills to draft very important fundraising letters and documents sent out to our network, as well as our website language. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone who was looking for services in her particular areas of focus.”

Blake Watson : Media Director (Dallas, Texas)

“The talent and experience Cindy brought to our organization as senior copywriter was exactly what I needed as a senior designer striving for the type of work that can only be accomplished through true collaboration between art and copy.”

Joey Ponce : Community Building and
Cause-focused Design (Indianapolis, Ind.)

“I met Cindy at our very first BCDC meeting. I was the anxious leader of the new group, and Cindy volunteered to help. Under her guidance, we started a newsletter and doubled our database in less than a year. She suggested we develop a website, which she promptly created. She also encouraged us to use social media platforms to increase visibility. We went from a sleepy, unorganized club to a thriving presence in our small community, and a lot of our success is due to Cindy’s work. If there is a need for an informed, trusted and very talented worker in your organization, you would be more than pleased to have Cindy Dashnaw as a part of your efforts.

BJ Henry : Retired pharmacist | Community volunteer |
President, Burnet County Democratic Club (Burnet, Texas)

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