It’s time to hire a freelance copywriter

I originally published this advice about hiring a freelance copywriter in March, early in our COVID-19 experience. Now it’s November — time for year-end giving, holiday cards, budgeting and strategic plans — and the advice is more pertinent than ever. If you’re feeling stressed out trying to manage all your communications duties alone, read on.

Even before the coronavirus hit, communications professionals were some of the busiest people I know.

(CNBC Make It listed “public relations executive” as the eighth-most stressful job in America last year.) Now that everyone is on lockdown, the average comms pro is underwater: crafting coronavirus-influenced messaging for their organization, joining way too many Zoom meetings, revising previously written content to better align with the times, and doing all this while trying to keep up with their regular daily work and handling a bunch of duties and distractions around them at home.

If this is you or someone in your organization, now is the time to reach out to a freelance copywriter (aka content producer).

Freelance copywriters (like me) are here for you and can turn around projects with lightning speed right now.

Hand off that new (or old) assignment while you focus on other priorities.

4 quick ideas:

Annual report for donor cultivation

Blogs for SEO authority

Research report or case study for credibility

Media kit

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